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09 May

Listeners will find Julie’s beautiful uplifting voice and flowing music (that must be coming from the Angels) playing softly in the background truly uplifting.

She opens with her podcast with a few special words about pertaining to being in a constant state of love, joy, peace, ease and grace.

During this very special interview, Julie took me back in time. She begins our conversation with place that I had hidden in the back of the closet. Until just recently, written in Chapter 12 of my memoir, I have not publicly discussed having a child born with a genetic mutation. Although our daughter is thriving today, it has not been an easy journey. I wrote about it on paper, published it and it’s out for everyone to read. But I have not publicly spoken about it. And I certainly have never been interviewed about having a child with Noonan Syndrome. So this was a biggie for me!

I wasn’t really expecting the interview to steer in this direction. Surprisingly, I believe that the Angels just took over and we had no control over this interview. As I listen back tonight to the podcast that I just received this morning, I reluctantly asked myself if this was something that I was going to share. My gut tells me that it’s a message that I indeed NEED to share. It will help another in a way that I might never even understand.

It is my hope that listening to the opening of this special podcast one can learn about how to not stay stuck no matter what life has thrown our way. I hope that everyone listening is inspired to purchase my book A Limitless Life in a Powerless World. There are so many messages in my memoir to capture and begin your journey to healing.

Julie and I discuss what it is like to be an empath. A person who is highly empathic as myself we discuss how I get through a day. What my self-care routine looks like.

Angels and Awakening is an uplifting Podcast filled with much inspiration and Julie’s guest always have a comforting message to deliver. Click on the link below and I hope you enjoy your own spiritual journey to healing from within.

Love and kindness,

Lisa Marie

Link to listen to the podcast:

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