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05 Jun

What I know for sure... is that I will be stocking up on my tissues for next Wednesday.

My youngest daughter, Aniela will be graduating from 4th grade next week. She will move up from lower school to the upper school section. (entering the middle school years ~ YIKES ) ~ Where does the time go? Aniela Soleil Marie was born in Paris, France and her earliest years of education was first the French Montessori. From there she moved onward to the British School of Paris in Croissy. She arrived in America with a great foundation and entered Junior Kindergarten at LFCDS. Our family was embraced with a lot of love and patience from the staff and teachers at LFCDS ~~ patience while we adjusted to living in America and learning yet another new curriculum.

Our family has endured a lot of change, moving from place to place, during Aniela’s 9 years of life thus far. She has been flexible, adaptable and so brave. Making friends and leaving friends. The strongest bonds that she has been able to keep through the use of technology has been astounding.

Establishing friendships across the world, and building upon these relationships through the use of her technology is interesting to watch.

As a parent who grew up with pen pals, ( handwriting letters back and forth) and only needing a dime to make a phone call. I find it’s the words sung in this song that reminds all of us the value of friendships.

“Teaching our children the importance of nurturing friendships and VALUING their relationship.”

Having had the experience of living abroad as an expat we hold great value in the relationships that are made. When living out of your home country you are not surrounded by family and childhood friends. One is eager to sit and have a cup of coffee or tea at a local cafe while enjoying a chat about your home country, your culture or where your next travel destination might be.

Thank you to our daughter’s Chorus teacher Mr. B for putting the love of these words into our children’s hearts. We are forever grateful to you for sharing your talents with our children.

Today I will think about all the friendships that I value in my life. And continue to strengthen and nurture the new ones that I have been gratefully blessed with.

Love & kindness, 
Lisa Marie

“That’s What Friends Are For”4th grade General Music ❤️❤️❤️

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