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08 May

Every Wednesday I will be sharing stories with all of you. Stories filled with words of wisdom, life stories, sad stories and of course, my crazy ‘limitless life’ of traveling stories.

I would like to call it Wisdom Wednesdays. I hope that you will stop by and join me for Wisdom Wednesdays. I know that you will love my own messy, beautiful, perfect truth stories. Because that is what we all need right? Is ‘Truth”. Our soul is constantly seeking the truth. Truth in others and above all how do we grasp the truth within?

My story of A Limitless Life in a Powerless World could not be written without facing the truth. Through hardships, parenthood, divorce, and grief I had to search deeply within myself to find the truth. As a child, I resorted to my childhood bedroom and began to write poetry. I was inspired by nature and played outside on the vast green space of our families land. On warm summer days, I would capture the most beautiful butterflies and treasure it inside one of my mother’s mason jars.

I enjoyed this alone time with my colorful markers, crayons, and pens. I continued to create and imagine a world of ‘limitless’ possibly. I wrote what I dreamed about and I playfully imagined a colorful world for myself. Little did I know about the word ‘manifest’ or even how big my dreams would grow. I certainly live in a very colorful world now. I am graciously blessed with a beautiful family and a life that I delicately seeded, nurtured and grew with love and kindness.

Thank you for stopping by my new blog page. I will update with regular content but you can count on a bunch of Wednesday’s filled with my words of wisdom. I’ll share my experiences and we shall see how living with a positive attitude and limitless thinking can make your world a bit more colorful too!

Love and kindness,

Lisa Marie

Grab a cup of your favorite tea. Sit back and enjoy while I share stories of inspiration, my travels and all things that inspire me in my daily life.

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