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29 May

The month of May in our household has always been filled with a hectic, full schedule. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are beginning to see and feel the signs of spring. Perhaps, this year with the late spring season upon us we are just beginning to watch the tulips wilt and the completion of the purple crocuses. Gearing up for the summer season that is right around the corner it can be difficult as a mother to keep our children focused. The excitement of winding down the school year, studying for exams and handing in the last essay for the hardest history class comes to a close.

Today, the 29th of May, we are already nearing month end, closing another chapter.

This school year was a whirlwind for my three younger children. We started back in August of 2018 as an expat family living in Geneva, Switzerland. Our children commuted by train each day to Versoix, a small town outside of the city center of Geneva. Independently, they walked from the train station up the hill to their separate campuses. Our youngest was in the elementary section, while our daughter attended middle school. My son attended as a Junior in the High School. Due to reasons beyond our control (our paperwork as expats was never properly handled and the ball was dropped — not in our favor) we chose as a family to return back to the USA. We did so after the Christmas holiday season.

Our children returned back to the former school that they attended before we moved abroad. We have planted our feet back on U.S. soil and committing to our new little town. I am looking forward to sharing with you our journey of finding a home and the renovation project that will soon be taking place. That should be a fun one to follow!

All of the children have settled in well since January of 2019. Like a quick flash on my camera, our youngest will be having her 4th-grade graduation ceremonies. Celebrating moving up from lower school to the upper school years ( entering the middle school years ). I can already feel the hard lump in my throat and the tears of joy streaming down my face. This is by far NOT my first rodeo of having a child go through this ceremony but in the upcoming week, it closes yet another chapter for me. This will be my LAST child graduating from lower school. From 4th grade. Never again will I experience elementary school years as a parent, but perhaps later as a grandparent.

For those that had or will have children reaching the milestones of completing pre-K, kindergarten, elementary school, and moving on toward the chaotic middle school years capture the moment and allow yourself to experience the natural process of the growth of your child. YOU DID A GREAT JOB MOM! Every choice that you had to make along the way for your child, every tear wiped from his/her precious face was bound by your love. Your touch and soft whispers in his/her ear on the first day of kindergarten will be cherished forever in their heart.

Today was my son’s last day of his Junior year. He will enter his last and final year as a Senior in high school come August. He blew in like the wind through the door this afternoon. Filled with excitement. My heart became heavy for a split second and my stomach felt like a hard knot as he showed me his Senior moving up T-shirt. “Mama, can you wash this for the move-up day?” he asked. I swallowed hard and felt the tears ready to stream. I knew that this was it. He will be graduating and off to College this time next year. The upcoming school year will be his last and final year of everything that I have ever wanted for him. An education! When the Fall season approaches he will be finishing up his College applications that are due by Dec. 1st. I know the drill. My older two children are already done with College and nearly finished with their Master degrees — I know how QUICKLY the time just passes by. I know.

ACCEPTANCE. All that is today, all that will be tomorrow. ACCEPT. Life moves on when we stand still and the clock keeps ticking. Tick-tock-tick-tock.

Congratulations to all of the mother’s who have had their young adult children graduate the last few weeks from College. Well done. Don’t forget Mama that you are a GIFT and your children are a gift from God. Remember to unwrap your gift each day. In my memoir, I write about the gift that my husband and I received. Our Tilly was our gift. And we remember each day to unwrap her because we never know what the gift will be.

With love and kindness,

Lisa Marie

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